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5 Reasons A Strategic Life Reduces Stress

35SHARESShareTweet Living a strategic life reduces stress. However, when you think about developing a strategy for your life, it may seem daunting, leading you to cast the idea aside. This decision can be a huge mistake that haunts you down the road. When you don’t have a life strategy, you not only risk increasing your stress levels but you also risk damaging your ability to achieve success. Read on to discover five reasons living a more strategic life...

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How to Navigate the Change Terrain

30SHARESShareTweet Have you ever wondered why is change so difficult? Have you wondered what you can do to successfully navigate the change terrain? Essentially, change is difficult because once a self-regulatory system is in place, it seeks to maintain itself. It’s akin to the thermostat on your heating and cooling system. Once a set point for the temperature has been established, then the system works automatically, efficiently, and effectively to maintain that...

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What is Mindfulness?

15SHARESShareTweet Mindfulness and optimal health go hand in hand because mindfulness is a stress management technique that has been shown to improve emotion regulation and ameliorate a variety of medical conditions (Marchand, 2012). Read on to discover the skills associated with mindfulness, the benefits of mindfulness, and two ways you can cultivate mindfulness. How stressed are you? Take the stress level survey! Table of Contents What is Mindfulness?What...

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Why hire an integrative wellness coach - two women seated at a table talking

Why Hire an Integrative Wellness Coach?

30SHARESShareTweet You can hire an integrative wellness coach to help you address a variety of health issues including weight loss, stress management, improving diet and exercise, and adjusting to a life-altering event. Taking better care of your health is among society’s most pressing priorities. However, you may face a bewildering array of health and wellness guidelines, products, and services that make it difficult to create a personal formula. Plus,...

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10 Resilience Strategies - stacked stones on the beach at sunset

10 Resilience Strategies

15SHARESShareTweet How do you rebound from setbacks? Setbacks are stressful and chronic stress can lead to poor health outcomes. So, on the journey to optimal health, it’s essential to have a variety of resilience strategies you can use to restore balance. Read on to discover 10 resilience strategies you can use to optimize stress and avoid burnout. How stressed are you? Take the stress level survey! 10 Resilience Strategies Practice deep breathing. Breathing...

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What are your signature strengths - man pushing large boulder uphill

What are Your Signature Strengths?

25SHARESShareTweet On your journey to optimal health, how will you use your signature strengths? What are your signature strengths? Research has found that only about one-third of the population has an active awareness of their strengths. However, when you discover your greatest strengths, then you can use them as a resource to face life’s challenges, work toward goals, and feel more fulfilled both personally and professionally. Table of Contents What...

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Self-compassion is essential - woman comforting herself

Why Self-Compassion is Essential

20SHARESShareTweet On your journey to optimal health, self-compassion is essential. Do you suffer from a harsh inner-critic? When you criticize yourself, you’re tapping into the body’s threat-defense system. Feeling threatened puts stress on the mind and body, which is bad for emotional and physical well-being. With self-criticism, you are both the attacker and the attacked. When the stress response (fight–flight–freeze) is triggered by a threat to your...

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Identity Crisis - Person in silhouette pensive

Identity Crisis: The Role of Transitions

30SHARESShareTweet Are you going through a transition that’s making you question who you are? Maybe what your purpose is, or what your values are? If so, you may be going through what some call an identity crisis. Questioning your sense of self may be stressful, but it can actually be a good thing in the long term. Knowing yourself better and adapting to changes can help you grow as a person. Read on to discover more about identity, types of identity crisis...

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Spirituality and Optimal Health - picture of the milky way galaxy

Spirituality and Optimal Health

20SHARESShareTweet So, you’re on the road to optimal health. You’re rested and well-exercised. Your car is full of nutritious food and passengers you adore. You know what to do in times of adversity. You’re surrounded by natural beauty. So, why do you feel like something’s missing? The word “why” lingers in your mind just a little too long, and suddenly you understand. All the material necessities of your journey have been met, but you’re...

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3 Relationship Essentials - woman with head on man's shoulder at sunset

3 Relationship Essentials

15SHARESShareTweet On your journey to optimal health, who are your traveling companions? What do you consider relationship essentials? Relationships keep us happy and healthy as we go through life. Researchers demonstrated the importance of relationships through the Harvard Study of Adult Development, one of the most comprehensive longitudinal studies in history. According to Robert Waldinger, current Director of the study, researchers have learned three big lessons...

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