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Develop a Roadmap to a More Joyful Life

Stress affects everyone. The specifics will be different just as we are all unique individuals, but no one is exempt from stress.

A stress response can be triggered by a variety of circumstances including…

  • work responsibilities
  • conflict with your romantic partner
  • taking care of the household
  • feeling a lack of control
  • perfectionism
  • a long to-do list
  • not having the answers
  • accepting a job promotion
  • illness
  • experiencing job loss

Symptoms of stress can manifest in a variety of ways, too. You might experience…

  • feeling overwhelmed
  • irritability
  • mood swings
  • being hard on yourself
  • difficulty falling asleep
  • tense muscles
  • headaches
  • being distracted
  • pain in your stomach
  • overeating

Whatever the circumstances or the symptoms, stress can be unpleasant. Plus, chronic distress can lead to a whole host of negative physical, psychological, and professional outcomes such as…

  • type 2 diabetes and heart disease
  • insomnia and depression
  • job dissatisfaction and the loss of productivity

So, dealing effectively with stress is essential to your physical and mental health. 

My Stress RESET Program features 5 science-backed strategies that fit together like pieces of a stress management puzzle that you need to get the life-changing, lasting results that you deserve.

Using these strategies to RESET your response to stress brings benefits like…

  • more self-confidence
  • more joy
  • more productivity
  • a greater sense of inner peace
  • a renewed sense of purpose
  • better overall health
  • a reduced risk of chronic disease

To discover how the Stress RESET Program can transform your life, grab a spot on my calendar. We’ll talk about it and see if you’re a good fit. The session is free with no strings attached.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Stress RESET Program

The Stress RESET Program consists of 5 science-backed strategies that fit together like pieces of a puzzle. The program is designed to help you optimize your response so you can make so they can make a bigger impact without sacrificing your health, well-being, or personal relationships.

Essentially, the program shows you how to…

  • keep an eye on your stress levels
  • regulate your emotions so you can ditch the negativity and gain the happiness advantage
  • apply your signature strengths and core values
  • achieve and maintain a flow state
  • talk to yourself in ways that promote mental agility and emotional well-being
What is an integrative wellness coach?

An integrative wellness coach is a trained professional who works with clients to achieve their health and wellness goals. Coaching can occur in one-on-one and group settings.

How does integrative wellness coaching work?

Integrative wellness coaches draw upon a variety of scientifically proven methods for change including behavioral psychology, motivational interviewing, positive psychology, adult learning theory, and solution-focused theory.

Where do we meet for coaching sessions?

Leslie works with individuals and groups virtually.

What happens during the coaching process?

The coaching process includes four stages:
First, we clarify your values and dreams to reveal why your health is essential.
Second, we perform a self-assessment of the 7 cores areas and select an area of focus.
Third, we create a powerful plan of action that sets you up for success.
Finally, as you work your plan, we meet regularly to account, celebrate, and troubleshoot.

Why hire an interactive wellness coach?

To help you apply your doctor’s recommendations.
To create wellness plans specifically for you.
To help you close the gap between inaction and action.
To hold you accountable.
To provide emotional support.

What can I expect from an integrative wellness coach?

As your integrative wellness coach, I promise to…

  • recognize you as the expert in your life
  • facilitate your process of self-discovery and change
  • be fully present during our sessions
  • recognize your innate healing potential
  • meet you where you are on your wellness journey, without judgement
  • stress self-care and self-empowerment
What’s expected of a coaching client?

As a client, I hope you will…

  • be respectful of our time together
  • be honest, open communication is key to an effective coaching partnership
  • be open to feedback, suggestions, and exploring new information and strategies
  • try your best
  • have a growth mindset
How is integrative wellness coaching different from therapy?

While integrative wellness coaching can be therapeutic, it is not therapy. Coaching is not designed to address psychological issues. While emotional issues may arise, the primary focus of wellness coaching is to help you identify your goals, achieve them, and develop constructive habits and skills.

How long do people work with an integrative wellness coach?

Typically, clients begin with a 3-month commitment.

Can I stop integrative wellness coaching at any time?

The coaching partnership is totally voluntary; either party can end the partnership by giving two-weeks notice if it doesn’t appear to be a good fit.

What’s the investment?

The investment depends on a couple of factors:

  1. how long we plan to work together
  2. the type of coaching (one-on-one or group)

So, we need to talk with one another to discover whether we’re a good fit and, if we are, which package best suits your needs. Please call or schedule your introductory session. I look forward to meeting you!

What are Leslie’s credentials?

Leslie is a developmental psychologist with a PhD in Family Studies and Human Development. Leslie is also a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Leslie received her training as an integrative wellness coach from the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. 


Coaching with Leslie is available via Zoom, phone, or in person.

Leslie Bosch, PhD

Let’s get started!