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Identity Crisis: The Role of Transitions

30SHARESShareTweet Are you going through a transition that’s making you question who you are? Maybe what your purpose is, or what your values are? If so, you may be going through what some call an identity crisis. Questioning your sense of self may be stressful, but it can actually be a good thing in the long term. Knowing yourself better and adapting to changes can help you grow as a person. Read on to discover more about identity, types of identity crisis...

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Spirituality and Optimal Health

20SHARESShareTweet So, you’re on the road to optimal health. You’re rested and well-exercised. Your car is full of nutritious food and passengers you adore. You know what to do in times of adversity. You’re surrounded by natural beauty. So, why do you feel like something’s missing? The word “why” lingers in your mind just a little too long, and suddenly you understand. All the material necessities of your journey have been met, but you’re...

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