10 Simple Steps to Cut Sugar from Your Diet

45SHARESShareTweet Want to cut sugar from your diet? Use these 10 strategies to increase your odds of success! These days, you will find sugar in the most unlikely places – “healthy” snacks like granola bars, yogurt, fruit smoothies, salsa, dried fruits, energy drinks and so much more. In fact, when you’re strolling the aisles of the grocery store, it may seem almost impossible to find anything without added sugar. Because of this, sugar has become an addiction...

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How to Make the Most of Your Sugar Detox

45SHARESShareTweet Do you want to give up sugar? Here’s what you need to know before your next sugar detox! Sugar addiction has become a very real problem in our society and it’s not hard to see why. From easy to prepare, processed foods to sugary, caffeinated drinks to fast food on speed dial, our sugar consumption is off the charts. All that excess sugar can wreak havoc on your overall health so it’s a good idea to keep a sugar detox on your radar. People...

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Mediterranean Diet Health Benefits

20SHARESShareTweet If someone mentions the Mediterranean diet to you, what do you imagine? Do you imagine people living in the beautiful Mediterranean eating delicious healthy foods every day? It’s easy to think how great that would be, and it’s not far from the truth! For those who don’t live in the Mediterranean, the ‘Mediterranean Diet’ gained popular awareness back in the sixties. It was about the time when people were becoming aware of the health and longevity...

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20 Ways to Improve your Diet - bowl of salad and other healthy dishes

Food as Fuel: 20 Ways to Improve your Diet

45SHARESShareTweet On your journey to optimal health, as with your car, without the proper fuel, how can you hope to arrive at your destination? Moreover, upon arrival, will you be equipped to deal with what awaits you? A healthy, balanced diet gives your body nutrients. Nutrients are like fuel for your body. They give you energy. And they keep your heart beating, your brain active, and your muscles working. They also help to build and strengthen bones, muscles,...

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