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6 Steps to Turn Your Victim Mindset Around

Turn Your Victim Mindset Around

Given a setback, do you blame someone else for what’s happened? Do you think that no matter what you do, things aren’t really going to change? When things go wrong, do you tend to beat yourself up?

It’s possible you suffer from a manner of thinking known as having a victim mentality. And having a victim mentality won’t get you anywhere in life, so it’s important to learn to overcome it, and fast so that you can take control of your life and become what is known as a victor.

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Here’s 6 Steps you can use to turn your victim mindset around.

#1 Recognize the negative feelings

The first step to conquering a victim mentality and becoming a victor is to recognize when you start to feel helpless. Instead of dwelling on feelings of helplessness and fear, ask yourself what you can do to turn the current situation around. If you need some outside help, start reading positive memoirs or self-help books from individuals who have overcome similar situations. This will help direct your mentality in the right direction for making a positive change.

#2 Label the negative thoughts

Next, it’s important to start notice where feelings of despair come from. One common source of helplessness comes from comparing yourself to others. Instead, remember that you are a unique individual. Focus on yourself and your goals. You can work toward the things that matter to you. It just takes commitment, planning, time, and perseverance.

#3 Change your actions

Besides just changing your thinking, you need to change your actions. If you suffer from a victim mentality it’s likely you leave a trail of unfinished projects in your wake. Start finishing those projects, because victors don’t leave tasks uncompleted. Once you start completing things, your morale will get a boost.

#4 Take responsibility for everything

One of the major problems people face when they suffer from a victim mentality is that they always think everything is happening to them, and that everyone else is to blame for their predicament. This is not the case.

In order to transform yourself from victim to victor you need to start taking responsibility for occurrences in your life including any short comings you may have. It is your life, and only you have control over it—both the good and bad.

In particular, you can control how you react to events. You can choose to respond with feelings of tranquility and thoughts focused on what you will do next rather than feeling of distress and thoughts focus on reasons for defeat.

#5 Forgive Others

In order to really turn your victim mindset around, you need to change the way you treat others. Victims often hold grudges, angry and bitter feelings, and exact revenge. As a victor, you need to be above all of that.

Start forgiving those you believe have wronged you—unconditionally. Don’t let yourself dwell on angry feelings. If you feel yourself start to be angry, start thinking of the positive things in life, let go of the tension in your shoulders, and take a deep breath.

Remember, anger hurts you more than it hurts anyone else.

#6 Take control of your reactions

And finally, as a victor, your life isn’t going to be perfect and you will often still face common problems such as rejection. But when you are faced with someone else letting you down or rejecting you, don’t take it personally. Instead, think about how you can conquer the situation next time!

Overall, the transformation from victim to victor isn’t an easy one, and it’s one that only you can be responsible for. But if you’re tired of the dark and hopeless feelings, make the conscious decision to turn your victim mindset around. Because once you become a victor, you’ll never look back.

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