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8 Techniques that Stop Anger in its Tracks

Do you need to stop anger in its tracks? Read on to discover 8 powerful techniques that stop anger in its tracks!

Goal interference and injustice typically trigger anger. Moreover, it’s tempting to use that anger to fuel your retaliatory efforts aimed at evening the score or making the other person hurt every bit as much as you do right now.

However, this kind of response can be very damaging. So, it’s usually best to interrupt this cycle. But how do you stop anger dead in its tracks before it gets the best of you?

Here are 8 proven techniques that you can use to stop anger.

#1 Take a Walk
The physical act of walking will burn off some of the adrenaline while getting outside, giving you a distracting change in scenery. And it works even better if you’re walking away from the object of your anger. Sometimes all you need is some space.

#2 Pay Attention to Your Muscles
Like walking, exercise is good. Also, anger tends to tighten you up, so a good stretch, or even better practicing progressive muscle relaxation, will knock the tension out.

#3 Say Something Soothing to Yourself
Choose a pet phrase or mantra which calms you. Say it several times, slowly, and deliberately to put your focus elsewhere.

#4 Visualize Something Peaceful
Escape somewhere else. Remove yourself from the situation that has made you mad and find a quiet place where you can visualize something peaceful. Build in as much detail as you can to make it as real as possible. Stay in this vision until you feel yourself start to calm down.

#5 Do Something Grand
Take your anger and turn it into activism. How can you use this to change the world? Sign (or start!) a petition. Volunteer. Get involved in the community and make the world a better place.

#6 Write About It
Journaling can help you to work through your emotions in a way that might even help prevent you from getting mad the next time around. Understanding what it was about the event which triggered you will help reshape the trigger entirely.

#7 Switch Perspective
It can be hard to use empathy when you’re upset. But if you can see things from their perspective, it might help you to calm your response. Many times anger comes from misunderstanding the situation.

#8 Forgive
Decide to let it go. Although this can prove difficult, choosing to forgive the person who offended you is a great way to stop anger dead in its tracks!

The key to all of these techniques is simple: don’t let anger take control. The last thing you need is to fall under the power of this negative emotion. Use the anger to make the world a better place or let it go entirely. In the end, you’ll be happier you did.

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