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7 Secrets to Reclaim Your Confidence

Have you lost your sense of confidence? Not to worry, it happens to everyone! Read on to discover 7 things successful people know about how to reclaim your confidence.

Winston Churchill once said, “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

The problem is, enthusiasm can be hard to come by, especially when yours has taken a beating. Setbacks and disappointments have a way of knocking it down. We start doubting ourselves and lose sight of who we really are. Without confidence, it becomes impossible to try, guaranteeing failure.

Thankfully, we know one thing for certain: Confidence can be reclaimed, as every successful person knows.

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7 Things Successful People Know About How To Reclaim Your Confidence:

#1 They Remind Themselves They Can Do It
Successful people recognize failure is normal. Getting there won’t be without bumps. The important thing when trying to regain confidence is to realize success is still a possibility…or even a probability. This is where you remind yourself of your goal and visualize success all over again.

#2 They Walk Away
There comes a time where a break is the best thing you can give yourself. Confidence wavers when you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Doing a hobby you love, or even just taking a walk, or spending time with friends, does a lot toward regaining a positive mindset when you’re feeling frustrated.

#3 They Revisit the Past
Where have you succeeded before? Where have you failed? Everything that’s come before is a teaching moment. What do you know about yourself already from these events? Understanding the “you of yesterday” is where your insights today come from. Confidence comes from using this knowledge well.

#4 They Forgive
Hating yourself for some mistake you made isn’t going to get you anywhere and only destroys your confidence. Being able to let go and forgive the past is crucial to future success. Download eBook Forgiveness: Break Free from Resentment and Start Moving Forward in Your Life

#5 They Keep a Handle on What They’re Saying
Self-talk can be particularly destructive to confidence. How do you talk to yourself? Are you patient and understanding, or do you tend toward negativity? Grabbing hold of those mental put-downs will help you reclaim your confidence. Using more positive statements will build it up.

#6 They Start Over
The only sure way to fail is to do the same thing, in exactly the same way, when you’ve already failed the first time. Rather than force failure onto yourself and eradicate confidence, revamp the strategy. To reclaim your confidence, ask yourself how you can do things differently this time.

#7 They Keep Trying
Persistence pays off. If you fail and stop, you’ll always think of yourself as a failure. It’s the person who gets up and tries again who builds confidence as they go.

In the end, the only way to reclaim your confidence after a setback is to put intentional work into recovering it. By using these tips, you’ll get there. Recognize the process can sometimes be slow, but success truly does still lie within your grasp, even after a setback.

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Here’s to your health and well-being!

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