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5 Steps to Transform Your Inner Critic

Has your inner critic been getting you down lately? If so, it’s time you cultivated an attitude.

Look, life can be hard sometimes. The last thing you need is your Inner Critic taking the wheel, getting on your case about every last little thing you’re trying to do. Why are you listening to someone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart? No, it’s time to challenge your Inner Critic and silence their voice once and for all. How?

Try this 5 step process to transform your inner critic:

#1 Start Noticing
Inner Critics like to whisper, never to speak out loud. The last thing they want is to be noticed in their nefarious schemes. By paying attention to what’s going on in your head, you draw their lies out into the light where they cannot stand.

#2 Say it Out Loud
Do you hear some pretty negative things? Try saying them out loud. By giving voice to these thoughts, you’ll hear just how harsh and hurtful they sound. Would you say those things to a dear friend, a trusted colleague, or a child?

#3 Question Everything
Is there any truth to what your Inner Critic is saying? Examine the statements. Feel free to argue back. Point out the flaws in the reasoning and back it up with examples of times when you’ve proven those things aren’t true.

#4 Make a Revision
Finally, drop the negative words entirely and rewrite the script to turn each negative into a positive. For example, saying, “I’m terrible at writing reports” can become “I did a great job on the last report I wrote. I bet this one will be fine, too.”

#5 Rehearse Your Revision
Practice saying the revision over and over to yourself so that it can become second nature. Put it on a sticky note and past it all over the house so you can remind yourself of the upgrade. Tell loved ones that you’re working on upgrading your self-talk. Accountability partners supercharge your change process!

Remember, transforming an Inner Critic to an Inner Ally is going to take time and energy. This kind of revising and upgrading doesn’t happen overnight. But once you success, your world will change enormously in some pretty great ways. After all, without your critic to hold you back, you’re primed for success in a huge way!

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