Stress RESET Group Coaching Program

How does stress weight you down?


Do you struggle to meet all your responsibilities at work because you’re basically doing three people’s jobs now?


Do you notice yourself snapping at or having emotional outbursts with the most important people in your life?


Are tension headaches interfering with decision-making and focus-making you look less competent to your coworkers?

This program is for you if…

You’ve lost your edge and you want it back. Whether you’re running a company, working from home, sitting in the C-suite, or doing this crazy thing called life. Effective stress management can improve your performance both in your personal and professional life.

The problem is, as you achieve success, your responsibility grows. Your clients depend on you. Your family depends on you. You become afraid of disappointing yourself and others. The pressure rises, creating more and more stress.

Stress affects your performance and inhibits your creativity and motivation. You lose your sense of humor when you make a mistake or two because the stakes feel too high. Instead of feeling lit up, you feel burned out.

That’s where I come in.

I’ll help you optimize your response to stress so you can…

  • perform at your highest levels consistently
  • get your youthful edge back
  • regain the passion you had before work felt like work

Going to the next level should feel exciting, not draining.

That’s why I created my brand new method called: The Stress RESET Program. The program is designed specifically for high-achieving men and women who want to upgrade their response to stress so that they can make a bigger impact without sacrificing their health!

Because this is a brand new program, I’m looking for 15 founding members who I can work with closely as your feedback will help ensure the success of the course.

In exchange for your feedback, the cost of the program has been reduced to only $297 (the full cost of the program will be $997).

Here’s everything you’ll receive…

#1 SIX Immersive LIVE Sessions to Get Your Stress Response Skills Up to Speed

This interactive course will meet online via Zoom for 6 weeks in a row from Tuesday, July 12 to August 16 from 12:00-1:00 pm EDT. If you can’t attend live, a recording of the session will be provided.

Dr. Leslie Bosch introduces you to 5 science-backed strategies that fit together like a stress management puzzle.

#2 LIVE Q&As with Every Session

Need personal guidance for your unique stress management issues? After every learning session, Dr. Leslie will answer participant questions, including helping with customized plans for strategy application.

#3 In-Depth Course Workbook

This trove of session-specific tools will help you explore your inner and outer stress management strategies and take them up a level. 

#4 Six Grounding Meditations

To do this life-changing work, you need to start from a solid place. Dr. Leslie created these guided practices to help you get safe and present before each session.

#5 Join a Community of Motivated People

Gain access to a private Facebook Group where you can receive ongoing support from likeminded individuals. 

#6 Lifetime Access to the Entire Course

Receive lifetime access to all video modules and Q&A sessions, session transcriptions, written teachings, and guided practices—the entire course is yours to keep forever.

Early Bird Bonuses:
Sign up by Friday, July 1st and receive the following bonuses:

  • 7 Core Areas of Health Self-Assessment
  • 30-Day Happiness Challenge Email Course
  • Self Love Journal

    Enrollment will close on Sunday, July 10th at midnight EDT.

    What you can expect…

    No one can eliminate stress completely, but I can show you how to change your relationship to stress. You can ABSOLUTELY learn effective strategies to identify the root causes of stress and eliminate them, so you can stop making some classic high-achiever mistakes that can ruin your career from the inside out:

    • Stop ignoring your own well-being.
    • Stop always putting work first, all else second.
    • Stop being too busy to level up.
    • Stop trying to manage stress superficially.
    • Stop trying to go it alone.

    Instead, when you learn to apply the Stress RESET Method secrets, watch your life transform in important and deeply satisfying ways:

    • Identify your core needs, so you discover the deep peace of your replenished self.
    • Reclaim your edge, sharpen your performance, and advance in your career.
    • Regain clarity about what’s important to you, so you can set goals in alignment with your values, and make actionable plans to accomplish your deepest dreams.
    • Address your root causes of stress, so you can live your life with more enthusiasm, optimism, energy, and happiness.
    • Find an elite coach for your elite life, so you can sustain the career of your dreams and live happier than you ever thought possible.

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    Here’s what successful clients have to say…

    “I have tools to create healthier behaviors!”

    I started working with Leslie because I am the person who likes to start things, and then move on without finishing. I bought a new photo scanner and still have stacks of photos to scan. I have a beautiful Christmas stocking to embroider for my young daughter – Santa still has half a beard and she is now 25. Now, I have started a project that really matters – completing my doctorate degree. I knew that if I did not change my habits, I would end up with lots of hard work and no degree. I also am the person who thinks that I alone can change deep-seated habits. When I heard about Leslie’s group coaching, I actually considered that maybe I need help addressing the behaviors that are holding me back. I am so glad I took the leap and joined! I leave each session with a better understanding of my behaviors, as well as tools to deconstruct them and create healthier ones. I also love hearing what the other participants say about their journey. Sometime it is hard for me to put words to my own thoughts and feelings, but it helps to hear others verbalizing, or stumbling too, as I do.”

    Michelle H., Associate Director

    “I regained a sense of control over my life!”

    “I went from working 65-hours a week, and barely getting 3-5 hours of fitful sleep at night to working 40-hours a week and consistently getting 7 hours of restful sleep every night. I always loved my job as a mediator and educator at a nonprofit but after the program, I gained a sense of control over my life again. Instead of feeling exhausted all the time, now I have a renew sense of purpose and passion in my personal and professional life.

    Chris Medvescek, mediator, educator, writer

    “I experienced deep spiritual, relational, emotional, and vocational growth!”

    “Working with Leslie was exactly what I needed! When I started our sessions, I often felt confused, unsure, and pressured. Though I had many wonderful things in my life, I just couldn’t settle into enjoying them. Over just a few months, I feel more confident and self-assured than I ever have. Coaching has allowed me to experience deep spiritual, relational, emotional, and vocational growth. Leslie was a joy to work with and I truly could not have gotten here without her guidance!

    Amanda M., Licensed Associate Counselor

    “I navigated a family crisis with clearer eyes!”

    “I am so grateful for Leslie’s coaching! Despite being a successful professional, I was often plagued by doubt and vague dissatisfaction, and unsure what to do about it. Leslie helped me to solidify my core values within the first few sessions. She helped me to recognize how my daily efforts were or weren’t working towards those values. Mid-way through our sessions, I had a family crisis. Leslie helped me to navigate that with clearer eyes. Leslie has just the right balance of compassion, encouragement, and “telling it like it is.” Don’t go it alone – coaching with Leslie is a valuable tool that really enhances your life.”

    Jennifer K., College Biology Professor

    “I shed the things that were no longer working for me!”

    “We always know when things are not going well in our lives. But sometimes we simply can’t figure out why! Leslie brought a new pair of eyes to the problems I was facing. Just like an athletic coach, she sought out my strengths and helped me utilize them. She also gave me new information and strategies for redesigning my response to stressful challenges. Leslie helped me realize that I was limiting myself and that I needed to examine my beliefs and standards and formula new ones more reflective of who I am now. Based on this newfound understanding, Leslie gave me the support and tools I needed to move my life in a different direction. She helped me shed the things that were no longer working for me. Leslie is highly knowledgeable, well spoken, and considerate. She worked with me as I am. She never directed or passed judgement. The benefits of working with Leslie are countless. Coaching with Leslie has truly changed my life. I am beyond pleased.”

    Evie, Retired Gift Officer for a health science university

    “I ran a non-profit during a global pandemic!”

    “Being the director of a nonprofit during a pandemic is beyond stressful! But working with Leslie helped my manage my stress. Leslie’s consistency and encouragement during this exceptionally difficult time really helped me remember the importance of self-care. Leslie’s active listening skills, empathy, and ability to appreciate my concerns, really made a difference. If you’re struggling to manage stress and make your health a priority, I recommend Leslie’s coaching services.

    Celia Robidoux, Executive Director, Arizona Serve

    “I regained my footing after my cancer diagnosis threw me into a state of confusion!” 

    “I consulted Dr. Bosch when my cancer diagnosis was confirmed. Shocked and in a fog, I knew I needed a game plan for coping. First, we defined what was most important to me in my life. This helped her work with me to go beyond the lifestyle advice we all know and to work out a game plan for just what I needed. Then, Dr. Bosch walked with me step-by-step suggesting clear simple actions I could take. This constructive support ensured that I never felt helpless. I learned how to think and act in all this confusion. Over my time with her, I felt myself gaining strength and balance from her gentle coaching, learning skills that continue to help me day after day.”

    Connie Tasker, Retired Management Consultant

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    Your Stress Relief Coach

    Before I became a coach, like many Americans, I was working long hours in a very demanding job. Unfortunately, I was also mismanaging my stress, eating lots of junk food, not exercising, sleeping poorly, and not having any fun. I didn’t realize it at the time but I was unwittingly trading my well-being, health, and relationships for career success!

    Fortunately, I came across a wellness class at the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine where I learned about an integrative approach to health. I was so happy with the changes I made to my lifestyle that I became a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

    The best news is that you don’t have to go through the pain and disappointment of crippling stress like I did. I’m here to guide you through the process of recovering mental agility and emotional stability.

    Praise from successful clients…

    “Coaching proved a lifesaver when I was quarantined in Uzbekistan for 6 months!” 

    Bosch Integrative Wellness Testimonial by Jennifer“What was supposed to be a vacation turned into a nightmare when the pandemic hit and I was quarantined in Uzbekistan for 6 months. The stress during that time was unbearable! Leslie taught me a variety of strategies that helped me see the experience as an adventure. This shift in perspective allowed me to actually enjoy the experience, which I thought was impossible. Checking in Leslie weekly allowed me to decompress and set manageable goals. The strategies I learned helped me remain calm and engage in healthy behaviors. Leslie was present, warm, and genuinely caring. I can’t imagine what would have happened to my mental and physical health without coaching. Instead, I emerged from the experience stronger than before. I can manage stressful situations so much better now. I feel proud of myself and hopeful about the future. Coaching with Leslie has been a lifesaver.”

    Jennifer Whiddon, Web Content Writer

    “I’m free from the beliefs that used to drive my fears!”

    “I began working with Leslie in the midst of a personal identity crisis, hoping I wouldn’t need to take antidepressants. Leslie’s facilitation of the integrative approach brought immense clarity and peace into my life at a critical time. Leslie’s wealth of expertise in human development and psychology coupled with her active listening skills and ability to facilitate discussions built a trusting space where I could discover truths about myself that I was afraid to face. Now, I am no longer confined by the beliefs that used to drive my fears. Throughout our weekly sessions, Leslie was my cheerleader, accountability buddy, and anchor. Again and again, she brought me back to my purpose, celebrated my achievements and lessons learned, while giving me permission to choose, at my own pace, how I could be successful. I would highly recommend Bosch Integrative Wellness to anyone at a crossroads in their life.”

    Kerry, Employer Outreach Specialist, Goodwill Industries

    “I took control of my stress!” 

    “I’m 78 years young and all my life I thought stress was just something you had to put up with. But Leslie showed me how to take control of and manage my stress. I thought the process would be difficult, if not impossible. But Leslie really took an interest in my situation and provided a number of fresh perspectives based on things I already had at my disposal. Thus, I created a workable and highly personalized strategy for tacking the stressful situations in my life. Leslie’s encouragement made the process fun and enjoyable! If I’d known this information years ago, the quality of my life would have been greatly enhanced! If you’re struggling with stress management, don’t wait, start today! Work with Leslie and find a new approach! It’s well worth the time, money, and effort!”

    Anna Madsen, Tax Accountant

    “I feel more in control of my life and my outcomes!”

    “Being a young adult, I often felt overwhelmed with expectations and doing the “right thing.” Working full time, going to school full time, and getting married, I began to feel like every time I put one foot in front of the other, I was being pulled back like a dog on a leash. I was still putting one foot in front of the other and going through the motions, but I wasn’t in control. While working with Leslie, I began to re-identify with myself and to tap into my own sense of right and wrong. Leslie helped me reconnect with values and attributes that I had carried all along but had forgotten to utilize. Not only did I relearn how to use them, but how to claim them as my own. Now, I feel more empowered to make my own decisions. I feel more in control of my life and my outcomes. I attribute my success to Leslie’s wealth of knowledge in human development and her active listening throughout the coaching process. I recommend working with Leslie in any area of your health that’s lacking. Working with Leslie today could have a huge impact on your health and well-being in the future. Why wait? Start today. You’ll be glad you did.

    Taylor Castel De Oro

    “I put self-care first!”

    “As a social worker, I work long hours with really sick people, which is really stressful. I was feeling exhausted. As a busy professional, I struggled to find the time to get outside and relish it all. I was reluctant to try coaching because I just didn’t have time for yet another obligation. But I liked and trusted Leslie so I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did! Leslie worked with me to clarify what I wanted most to change, specifically. Creating and sticking with a focus can really be challenging but it makes all the difference. Being accountable to Leslie kept me on track and helped me put my self-care first.

    Kathleen Pickrel, Licensed Master Social Worker, Arizona Cancer Center

    “I have learned so much about myself!”

    “Leslie has been a dear friend and mentor of mine for over eight years. Leslie’s ability to use developmental theories, to shed light on why people do the things they do, has been extremely eye opening, validating, and encouraging. Leslie is warm, funny, and very relatable. She’s nonjudgemental, which makes it really easy to talk about challenges you might be inclined to keep hidden. In addition to her PhD and coaching training, Leslie has tons of real life experience and insight. Her ability to draw on all this information is remarkable and extremely valuable. Trust me, I have applied her vast knowledge to many aspects of my life including my divorce, which proved a difficult transition! I highly recommend Leslie’s services. If you’re on the fence, take the plunge! You’ll be glad you did!”

    Krystal Ramsay, Owner @ Krystal’s Hair Garage

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