30-Day Happiness Challenge

Feel like your days are all blurring together with the same mundane details over and over again?

Struggling to find moments of real happiness in the day-to-day?

Happiness doesn’t always just exist, but we have the power to create it for ourselves. 

Join me in the 30-day happiness challenge to discover how!

You’ll receive 30 emails in 30 days. Each email features an inspirational quote and a good mix of tips and strategies that you can begin incorporating right away to increase your happiness.

I’ll be with you along the way. Together we’ll focus on the small moments that compound overtime to make a huge difference. To connect with me, simply reply to any of the emails, book a call, or comment in the Facebook group!

Start cultivating more happiness today!


Praise for the 30-Day Happiness Challenge

I really enjoyed the 30-Day Happiness Challenge! It definitely helped me incorporate more joy and happiness into my life. I liked the daily quotes, which were thoughtful and inspiring. Each day’s challenge was a nice bite-sized portion that I could easily incorporate into my daily routine.”

Kathleen Pickrel

The pandemic has really brought me down. So, I decided to try the happiness challenge. I didn’t know what to expect. Wow! Totally worth the price!  The information is uplifting and the exercises are easy to do. The process has really helped me reconnect with my sense of hope and optimism.”

Steve Foster

“Thanks to the Happiness Challenge I’ve tried variety of new strategies. I enjoyed opening each email knowing that I would find support for my well-being each day. As I contribute to my happiness journal journal, I allow myself to really feel the joy I experience from the people, places, and things on my list.”

–Michelle H.